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Azercosmos and INTERSAT partner to roll-out High Throughput Broadband services using HTS Capacity on Azerspace-2

19 September 2019

Azercosmos and INTERSAT signed-up for a long-term partnership at IBC-2019, for delivery of consumer broadband and enterprise services and to provide high quality and high throughput internet connectivity to remote areas of Africa, thus reducing the digital divide on the continent.

This partnership enables Azercosmos to utilize Intersat’s teleport and ground infrastructure and expertise to deliver consumer broadband and enterprise services to every city, town, and community on the continent.

Azercosmos and Intersat are joining forces to develop the satellite broadband market in Africa, which is currently flooded with multiple offerings of low quality and data-limited satellite broadband connectivity options. With the new service offering, customers will be able to not only enjoy high-throughput connectivity but will also be able to use unlimited data.

“Our agreement with Azercosmos is a significant step towards extending state-of-the-art and highly-affordable services specific to the continent of Africa, using our newly launched SkyFi services. With this service we've set a new trend for Broadband Satellite Internet by delivering a service that gives consumers unlimited data with faster speeds and better service experience.” said Hanif Kassam, CEO of INTERSAT.  “With the proven superiority of Hughes-Jupiter2 HUB platform, we are confident that our SkyFi service will provide INTERSAT with a competitive edge for successful service expansion throughout Africa.”, added Subrata Roy, CTO of INTERSAT.

“We are pleased to expand the scope of our longstanding relationship with Intersat, to now enter into this partnership for the delivery of broadband services over our satellite to the people of Africa,” said Rashad Nabiyev, CEO of Azercosmos.