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OneWeb Announces First Two Client Agreements - Start of Commercial Network Commercialisation


27 February, 2019

OneWeb has secured its first customer contracts to deliver its high speed, low latency, global communications services.

OneWeb has signed an agreement to provide Talia Limited (“Talia”), the market-leading teleport, satellite and network operator, with a fast, affordable service for the Quika platform to offer consumer broadband internet and community WiFi across a number of regions including Africa and the Middle East. OneWeb’s next generation global satellite broadband service will come on stream for Talia starting in 2021, with virtually all of Talia’s markets activated by 2023.

Alan Afrasiab, President and CEO Talia Ltd said “Talia is proud to sign the first significant LEO service agreement with OneWeb as a network service provider. Talia continues to be at the forefront of the satellite industry, continually looking ahead and implementing the very latest technologies available in the market for our customers. We are delighted to be working with OneWeb who will provide us with the high-speed broadband coverage for the Quika service, which we need to reach all our customers, removing geographic, speed and latency barriers. Talia is working closely with the OneWeb team to design and tailor the OneWeb services for the Quika platform to rapidly meet the ever-increasing demand for high speed, low latency and ubiquitous connectivity from our customers.”

Separately, OneWeb has contracted with Intermatica, global carrier and solution provider of broadband and VOIP telecommunications services for businesses in Europe.

Claudio Castellani, President and CEO of Intermatica said: “We are delighted to be the first to sign up with OneWeb. Our enterprise customers demand that we stay at the leading edge of connectivity solutions and through this collaboration with OneWeb, we can further extend our service to installations in even the most remote locations, providing an unparalleled solution in terms of quality and performance. OneWeb’s system changes the current scenario of telecommunications, supplying a service bridging the gap between terrestrial and satellite broadband services, with a very limited latency, huge bandwidth and guaranteeing the fastest deployment; A revolution our customers are soon going to benefit from. We are very proud of the partnership with OneWeb, which will drive Intermatica into the future.”

With OneWeb’s global communications network, customers will take advantage of high speed, low latency broadband services which go beyond the limits of existing infrastructure - for example, to remote, rural communities and for businesses and industries that rely on global connectivity, such as Aviation, Maritime, Automotive, and Locomotives. With latency less than 50 milliseconds, OneWeb’s customers will have service capable of meeting a range of emerging applications that require real-time communication and collaboration.

Nicolas Zibell, Chief Commercial Officer, OneWeb said: “Bringing on board Talia and Intermatica at the very start of our commercialisation phase demonstrates the pent-up demand for our global coverage solution and showcases how companies are thinking ahead to meet the future IoT and 5G demands of their customers as well. OneWeb offers simple product, service and pricing options to ensure that it’s easy for clients, resellers and operators to do business with us. We look forward to the continued and exciting growth with both Talia and Intermatica.”

OneWeb’s mission is to provide connectivity for people everywhere and connecting schools has always been at the heart of its mission. Internet access to every school aligns closely with the common goals of both Talia and Intermatica to bridge the digital divide with affordable, high speed Internet access.

“Alongside our valued clients and partners, we are one step closer towards our mission of connectivity to everyone, everywhere,” continued Zibell.

OneWeb, which manufactures satellites through its joint venture with Airbus, will announce on 27 February the launch of its first six satellites. OneWeb will commence the largest satellite launch campaign in history to create a constellation of over 600 satellites providing full global commercial broadband coverage by 2021.