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OHB SE: 3-month interim report 2024

May 8, 2024

The OHB Group generated total revenues of EUR 206.7 million in the first three months, up 2 % on the previous year (EUR 202.4 million). The operating result (EBITDA) decreased from EUR 21.5 million in the previous year to EUR 19.3 million. The operating EBITDA margin thus declined to 9.4 % in the reporting period, compared to 10.6 % in the same period of the previous year. EBIT deteriorated to EUR 10.2 million in the first three months of the current fiscal year, compared to EUR 12.5 million in the previous year. The corresponding EBIT margin decreased accordingly to 4.9 %, compared to 6.2 % in the same period of the previous year.

The Group's firm order backlog stood at EUR 1,725 million after three months of fiscal year 2024, down from EUR 1,764 million in the previous year. Of this amount, EUR 1,429 million is attributable to the SPACE SYSTEMS segment, EUR 162 million to the AEROSPACE segment and EUR 133 million to the DIGITAL segment. As of March 31, 2024, the OHB Group's total assets stood at EUR 1,265.7 million, down around 6 % from December 31, 2023 (EUR 1,340.1 million). The increase in equity from EUR 438.0 million to EUR 442.6 million resulted in an equity ratio of 35.0 % as of March 31, 2024, up from 32.7 % at year-end on December 31, 2023.

The voluntary public takeover offer by Orchid Lux HoldCo S.à r.l. is progressing according to plan. At present, approvals for foreign direct investments in two of a total of ten countries are still pending.

In the past quarter, the Group companies in the SPACE SYSTEMS segment strengthened OHB's own strong position in the field of Earth observation by being awarded orders for twelve further satellites for the IRIDE constellation and a contract for the preparation of the next generation of Sentinel-2 satellites for the European Copernicus constellation. As the main partner for the LEO-PNT demonstration mission, OHB is using its own expertise from the Galileo navigation program to lay the foundations for new fields of application such as autonomous driving. In addition, several Group companies in both the SPACE SYSTEMS and AEROSPACE segments are involved in various developments aimed at enhancing the efficiency of launch vehicles. Furthermore, Rocket Factory Augsburg successfully completed the test campaign for the upper stage of its own launcher RFA ONE in the past quarter and is currently working towards the first flight this coming summer. In the DIGITAL segment, OHB was able to expand its business with applications based on Earth observation data as the project coordinator for Baltic GTIF.

The Management Board expects consolidated total revenues of between EUR 1,300 million and EUR 1,400 million in 2024. Adjusted for special effects in both cases, the EBITDA margin and the EBIT margin should reach > 8.5 % and > 6.0 % respectively. At this point in time, the Management Board assumes that the financial position and net assets will continue to develop well.

Key performance indicators at a glance

in EUR 000

3M 2024

3M 2023

+/- 3M




+3 %

Total revenues



+2 %




-10 %




-18 %

Share of OHB SE shareholders in net profit for the period



-33 %

Earnings per share
in EUR



-39 %

Cash and cash equivalents



-42 %


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