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UNIO secures pre-seed funding

Munich-based New Space start-up UNIO today announced that it has raised €2.5 million in pre-seed funding.

UNIO’s mission is to provide always-on connectivity for connected vehicles by bridging seamlessly terrestrial and satellite networks.

The pre-seed round was co-led by the space and technology group OHB SE, and the European technology company IABG, who has a strong heritage in aeronautics and space, with strong participation from SES and Reflex Aerospace (UNIO joint venture foundation partners along with Mynaric and Isar Aerospace), who increase their investment in the company.

The funds will help UNIO to finalize the development and launch of the company’s UNIO bridge product, an enterprise-class commercial vehicle solution, which promises to transform the connected vehicle market by offering seamless switching between 5G networks and satellite connectivity.

The bridge product will target both the logistics and agriculture sectors. First products are expected to be delivered to a yet-to-be-named anchor customer early next year, with full customer rollout slated for Q3 2024.

 “I am excited that OHB and IABG have joined existing joint venture partners SES and Reflex Aerospace in delivering us the funding that guarantees the development of the UNIO bridge, this game-changing product for our target markets. Both the amount invested, and their clear willingness to invest in us, especially given the current challenging investment climate, validates not only the efficacy of the product we are designing and soon moving into production, but also our wider business strategy to provide super-fast, ultra-secure and ‘always-on’ connectivity for all mobile use cases.” – Katrin Bacic, CEO, UNIO

“The story of UNIO comes at just the right time to serve a growing market for custom-fit space applications. The competence matrix of the shareholders positions UNIO optimally to address the target market for secure and fast communications. UNIO’s activities perfectly complement our existing portfolio, and we are very happy to be part of the future of satellite communications.” – Marco Fuchs, CEO, OHB SE

“There is increasing demand, from several quarters, for Earth observation data and seamless 5G-SatCom “always on” connectivity. The solution is a composition of individual space elements that UNIO can employ in their ecosystem – from satellite construction, to launch, to laser and RF links, and satellite operations. This is also in line with my idea of a New Space value chain. I am therefore pleased to be a future shareholder in UNIO, not least because IABG can bring several of our innovative solutions and products to the partnership.” – Prof. Dr. Rudolf F. Schwarz, CEO and owner of IABG

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