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E-Space Opens New European Headquarters in Toulouse, France

June 20, 2023

After raising USD$90 million since inception, E-Space, the company bridging Earth and space to enable hyper-scaled deployments of IoT solutions and services, today announced that it has opened a new European headquarters, E-Space SAS, in Toulouse, France.

Establishing Europe's premier company for space-powered IoT

Space holds the key to unlocking a universe of untapped opportunities in the trillion-dollar IoT market. To address this opportunity, E-Space is building a highly advanced, sustainable low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite system that will create a new class of ubiquitous, real-time IoT solutions and services. E-Space's IoT offering will challenge traditional satellite-based "beep IoT" services in terms of coverage, speed and ease of installation, allowing for hyper-scaled IoT deployments that can potentially drive substantial long-term growth opportunities for the Company.

Recruitment and future space initiatives

The Toulouse headquarters will serve as the hub for several E-Space innovation clusters: core communications systems architecture, inclusive of the satellite payload and communications systems integration; product strategy; and product development. By establishing expanded activities in Toulouse, E-Space will be part of the prestigious French and European aerospace communities. This will provide E-Space access to a highly-skilled workforce, technology partners for collaboration, specialized infrastructure and networking opportunities. These factors are expected to collectively contribute to future E-Space growth, innovation and success. In fact, the Company expects to double its team size over the next few years.

In addition to the new headquarters, and as part of its ongoing industrialization, E-Space is actively seeking a satellite production site spanning an approximate 20,000 square meter area, with plans to inaugurate it in 2024. The Company envisions a significant expansion in its manufacturing operations, aiming to employ over 260 individuals by the year 2025.

Greg Wyler, Founder and CEO of E-Space commented: "The opening of the E-Space European headquarters in Toulouse marks a significant milestone in our company's growth. It serves as the epicenter of our European operations, embodying our commitment to be at the forefront of the space and IoT industries in the region."

Karim Michel Sabbagh, E-Space SAS Managing Director, Europe and Middle East Lead added: "We believe our new European headquarters will be a catalyst for radical innovation and development. Building technical, strategic and product focused centers of excellence will enhance our ability to tackle complex challenges, leverage synergies and deliver high value to European customers."

Complementary news: E-Space strengthens leadership in France with appointment of new board members

E-Space also announced today its new French Board of Directors. Comprised of influential leaders from the defense, political, financial, telecom and space sectors, the Board brings a unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic vision and leadership experience to help guide E-Space's European business through its next phase of growth. 

Christian Dargnat: Founder of Alphée Consulting; former CEO of BNP Paribas Asset Management; former head of EFAMA (European Fund & Asset Management Association)

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari: Managing Partner of Magellim Infrastructure Fund; former French Minister for Transport (2019-2022); former Member of the French Parliament; former airline pilot and director of flight operations

Major General (R) Michel Friedling: Founder and CEO of Look Up Space; Founder and Chairman of Dragonfly Space Partners; former Head of the French Space Command

Karim Michel Sabbagh: E-Space Managing Director, Europe and Middle East Lead; former President and CEO of SES; former Chairman of SES ASTRA; former O3b Networks board member

Greg Wyler: Founder and CEO of E-Space; Founder and former CEO of OneWeb; Founder and former CEO of O3b Networks

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