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OneWeb and iSAT Africa Pioneer New Solutions to Bridge the Digital Divide in Africa

15 May 2023

OneWeb and iSAT Africa LTD ahave signed a Distribution Partnership Agreement to bring high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity across Africa.

The partnership brings together the innovative satellite technology of OneWeb and the extensive experience of iSAT Africa in rural connectivity, fixed and mobile satellite services, enterprise, and broadcasting solutions in Africa.

As a result, iSAT Africa will drive a shared objective of connecting the unconnected and serving the underserved communities of Africa, which in turn will help iSAT Africa grow the regional economy, improve access to education and health care, and give people and communities across the continent more power by providing reliable, high-speed broadband connection.

As a leading and trusted internet services provider, iSAT Africa will work closely with OneWeb to deliver reliable, high-speed, low latency broadband connectivity throughout Central, Western, and Eastern Africa markets in the near future.

iSAT Africa will offer a variety of integrated communication solutions for enterprise connectivity, remote access, and rural connectivity, tailored to fit the needs of businesses and communities in Africa.

With OneWeb having recently completed its global constellation, under this DPA OneWeb will continue to facilitate global connectivity, reaching areas that had previously been underserved and too remote for reliable connectivity. iSAT Africa joins the network of global OneWeb partners looking to offer connectivity to all. 

Stephen Beynon, CCO of OneWeb, commented: “This new partnership presents us with the opportunity to bring connectivity to people, businesses, and governments across Africa. iSAT Africa has laid the groundwork in getting many people connected, and they are well positioned to expand their network and geographical reach with enterprise-grade service and product portfolio of OneWeb.

Rakesh Kukreja, CEO and MD of iSAT Africa, said: “We are thrilled to partner with OneWeb to bring reliable and high-speed broadband connections to underserved areas in Africa. This partnership is a big step towards closing the digital divide and giving people and businesses all over Africa more power. With OneWeb's cutting-edge LEO satellite technology and iSAT Africa's expertise in integrated communications services, we are well-equipped to offer innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers in Africa and beyond."


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