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Consortium of ArianeGroup, Eutelsat, and Magellium selected to improve French space surveillance capabilities

The consortium led by ArianeGroup, in association with Eutelsat and Magellium, has been awarded a contract by French space agency CNES to improve space surveillance performance in all orbits. 

The project combines the expertise of ArianeGroup, which provides high value-added space surveillance services through its network of ground-based telescopes, Eutelsat for in-orbit and space segment services, and Magellium for image processing.

A combination of new-generation ground-based sensors and orbiting optical sensors will help broaden existing services, increasing the amount of data collected on satellites and space debris.

This project will build on ArianeGroup’s ongoing activities through its telescope surveillance network comprising 15 stations worldwide, which today provides services to government, institutional, and private customers. ArianeGroup provides high-precision daytime and nighttime positioning and orbitography data, and analyzes space objects in various orbits. The service is fully geared to the surveillance, tracking and collision warning needs of civil and military satellite operators, allowing them to protect their satellites against all forms of risk.


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