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hiSky Rolls out a New Hybrid IoT Connectivity Service with the SmartelliteTM terminal’s LTE/4G automatic switching capabilities


 hiSky announce the launch of their new hybrid IoT connectivity services. The new service which will be available globally to all SmartelliteTM Ku/Ka-band terminal owners, enables dual mode connectivity, automatically switching between satellite and LTE/4G.

Inline with hiSky’s agile network strategy, the SmartelliteTM terminals are integrated with off-the-shelf LTE/4G routers, directing all communications, IoT/M2M and MSS, over a unified eco-system for continuous connectivity.

“Our dual-mode connectivity option primarily targeted on-the-move use cases, such as fleet and vessel management systems, entering and exiting areas supported by terrestrial communication.”  said Shahar Kravitz, hiSky CEO and co-founder. “As we introduced the ability to our partners, we quickly understood the additional value this service gives to stationary/non-mobile use cases in need of network redundancy over a unified eco-system, such is the case for some of our current running POCs in the oil & gas, water & waste management, and environmental monitoring market verticals.”

hiSky’s hybrid IoT connectivity solution is designed for use in remote areas, situations where cellular connectivity may be limited, or critical asset connectivity requiring network redundancy to reduce downtime. The network’s default settings transmit the user data over LTE/4G connectivity, but as soon as the SmartelliteTM terminal leaves or loses cellular range, it automatically transfers all communication to satellite. This ensures that users will always be connected and able to communicate, even in the most challenging environments.

hiSky’s network is specifically designed to transmit and receive IoT/Machine-to-Machine data, at low-data-rates associated with remote IoT applications. The network is agnostic to satellite, allowing deployment with any constellation offering Ka-band or Ku-band over GEO satellites.

hiSky’s FCC and CE approved Smartellite™ ground terminals are the end-user component of the hiSky network ecosystem, also consisting of the hiSky HUB and Packet Processor as the teleport component, and the hiSky360 cloud-based network management system (NMS). All network components and service options, including the newly available hybrid solution, are managed, controlled, and billed through hiSky’s NMS.

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