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INTEGRASYS and UltiSat Team-up to Provide Improved Visualization Management for Tactical Satellite Communications Systems

December 12th, 2022

UltiSat and INTEGRASYS have signed a collaborative agreement to provide improved visibility, management, and resiliency for deployed communications systems for the US Defense Department and NATO.

The approach combines the capabilities of both companies to provide the user with a centralized dashboard of communications and networking tools to maximize situational awareness and real-time decision-making for deployed systems in tactical and battlefield operations.

UltiSat brings over 25 years of experience developing complex satellite and wireless communications systems for defense, civil government, humanitarian aid, and critical infrastructure markets. With a core strength in engineering development, systems integration, and field support for satellite communications systems, UltiSat provides a wide range of customized solutions from small man-packable communications kits to mobile command vehicles to large-scale permanent earth stations.

INTEGRASYS brings over 32 years of experience specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of radio frequency and satellite spectrum monitoring systems and software for the telecommunications and broadcast media markets. Their solutions are tailored to enable advanced management and control and improve protection for field communications in contested regions at potential risk of interference from electronic warfare tactics.

‘’We are pleased to take the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with UltiSat as a leading company in the integration of systems and technologies with great impact in the defense market. The partnership is part of our strategy to integrate our full product portfolio through key players within the SatCom industry’’, said Alvaro Sanchez Integrasys CEO.

“UltiSat is excited to add the INTEGRASYS portfolio of capabilities to augment and enhance our range of advanced satellite communications systems,” said David Myers President & CEO of UltiSat. “INTEGRASYS has a great reputation for ingenuity in satellite spectrum management, we look forward to working together.”

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