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INTEGRASYS starts a new project: Space4Green

The new project coordinated by INTEGRASYS, Space4Green, started on November 23rd with a kick-off meeting in Seville, where the team had the opportunity to present their well-anticipated software solution. They exposed the objectives and the overall idea of the project, which has been carefully curated with other 9 European businesses, composed not only of technological partners but also end-users.

With this meeting, INTEGRASYS is starting off a project totally coordinated by the company. It started to take off on November 1st of 2022 and is going to end on the 31st of October 2024; having a total cost of almost 3 million euros.


Space4Green is “a Business-to-Business (B2B) platform for digital data sharing supporting automated verification of data trustworthiness, including time, position, and identity associated with the data handling process.”  This means creating a way of developing automatic transactions that are trustworthy so that information, goods, services, and more can be safely transferred between stakeholders much faster.

The project is based on the idea of combining the European Space Technology (Galileo OSNMA and Copernicus Service) with blockchain, mobile platforms, and the Internet of Things, so we can obtain verified and trustworthy information to help the environment and enable a safe platform for transactions.

The idea is that Space4Green will have a powerful impact on the agriculture industry, making it more sustainable and eco-friendlier. The use of Earth Observation via satellites is going to help farmers in things like keeping track of crops and livestock and providing land data and projections about rainfall. This project can also help in other areas such as fishing where it can help with monitoring sustainable fishing quotas and making sure the common fisheries policy is being followed. Thus, contributing to developing new cutting-edge SATCOM applications and making technological advances in the agricultural industry.

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