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AYECKA's SM-VHS-500 and Modemware™ achieves a major technological milestone.

2Gbps now available from Earth to Space as well as from Space to Earth.

AYECKA announces the demonstration of an advanced DVBS2X based waveform, with AYECKA new FEC. This new break through allows higher speed links between satellites, and higher speeds between earth and space on larger number of beams. The new technology also dramatically reduces the power consumption of the space hardware.

This adds to the already available 2Gbps Space to earth and implementation of Space[1]to-Space ISL high speed links exceeding 2Gbps, The SM VHS 500 is a 2Gbps Gateway modem designed specifically for the future needs of New space LEO constellations as well as GEO/MEO.

The VHS 500 is designed to serve as a very high-speed gateway modem as well as a user terminal modem. It is suitable for special purpose LEO constellations and for SATCOM operators and can be customized to specific requirements of the connectivity provider.

Avi Barda, President of AYECKA: “This technological achievement is a major milestone for us. We can now fully support the link to/from the satellite as well as between the satellites at speeds exceeding 2Gbps "








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