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ReOrbit Signs Contract with ESA InCubed programme for Demonstration of In-orbit Satellite Autonomy and Networking

ReOrbit is a provider of satellites that can interconnect and autonomously operate in orbit with minimal dependency of the underlying hardware. As part of the demonstration of ReOrbit’s in-orbit satellite autonomy and networking, ReOrbit has signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) InCubed programme.

ReOrbit is targeting a demonstration mission for digital docking of two satellites, which allows commercial satellite operators and manufacturers to benefit from reduced time-to-orbit and cost-to-orbit as well as reduced operational costs, due to ReOrbit’s flexible and reconfigurable flight software. The contract covering the first phase of this mission, is titled “UKKO - Development and Demonstration of Technologies for Future Earth Observation (EO) Satellites”. It focuses on technologies improving overall satellite performance by bringing smart services such as autonomous resource management and flight control, FDIR, payload data management and an API for application deployment.

ReOrbit is partnering with ESA InCubed programme to build the Muon product, a bundle which includes flight software together with avionics, to act as the backbone of the spacecraft.

Similarly to what an operating system does for computers or smartphones, the Muon enables customers to focus on the application e.g. for EO, without needing to care about the underlying hardware layer that is connecting the application and the satellite. The payload-agnostic Muon bundle can be installed aboard any satellite, including ReOrbit’s own full-fledged satellite bus Gluon. The Muon bundle will be enabling a breadth of capabilities, such as in-orbit connectivity and networking, satellite autonomy, high fault tolerance as well as autonomous fault recovery, thus augmenting EO and other small satellite missions.

Through ReOrbit’s software first approach, satellite operators and manufacturers serving communications and EO segments can combine the reliability of classic space with efficiency and flexibility of NewSpace through the modularity of the ReOrbit software stack libraries and API.

ReOrbit’s Founder & CEO, Sethu Saveda Suvanam: “We are thrilled to work with the experts of ESA to bring our satellite software to market. Building capable satellites does not have to take years and cost tens of millions of euros – time-to-market is essential for today’s customers. The contract between ESA InCubed programme and ReOrbit validates not only our vision of redefing the way we think of satellites, but also proves that ReOrbit has the expertise and resources needed to make “Intelligent Space” the next Finnish success story.”

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