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AYECKA receives another order for VHS 500 High speed modem and modemware™ space segment platform from a major Earth Observation (EO) satellite customer


Ayecka has received a new contract for the design and supply of a high speed LEO to ground link, based on its state of the art high speed SM-VHS-500 modem and will supply its Modemware ™ that will be integrated on the Satellite payload The SM VHS 500 is a 2Gbps Gateway modem designed specifically for the future needs of New space LEO constellations as well as GEO/MEO.

The New modem can handle a wide variety of connectivity needs, from narrowband all the way to multi Gbps. The VHS 500 is designed to serve as a very high speed gateway modem as well as a user terminal modem. It is suitable for special purpose LEO constellations and for SATCOM operators and can be customized to specific requirements of the connectivity provider.

Avi Barda, President of AYECKA: “The new order from an EO Satellite integrator is an important vote of confidence for our state of the art high speed modem for new space and our innovative modemaware space software platform". Please visit our website:

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