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SAS Selects AYECKA For Satellite


Sky and Space Company Limited (‘SAS’ or the ‘Company’) announces that, following a competitive tender process, it has appointed AYECKA Communication Systems (‘AYECKA’), a leading provider of satellite communication payloads and ground networks, to provide the Company with user satellite terminals.

Following its successful recapitalisation, SAS is in the production process for an additional 16 satellites as part of its 400-strong IoT communication nano-satellite constellation, with the objective of commercial services being fully operational and generating revenue as early as Q1 2023.

The SAS user terminal, to be developed and manufactured by AYECKA, is a multi-functional high reliability modem with integrated antenna and able to support high speed narrow band data rates.

SAS already has some 55 customers who will procure the ground terminals in order to facilitate satellite access by their end users.


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