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SkyFi Satellite Imaging Services Expand with Satellogic Earth Observation Data

June 11, 2022

With a network of 70+ satellites and continually growing, SkyFi is on a mission to democratize access to satellite imagery so that businesses can solve their toughest problems and individuals can explore their boundless curiosity.

One of the primary goals of SkyFi is to create a platform that offers a wide variety of satellite imaging services. For this to happen, it’s important for us to strategically partner with existing Earth observation (EO) companies that can deliver new capabilities to our end-users.

To help achieve this goal, we partnered with a leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery, Satellogic!

Founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman, Satellogic is a vertically integrated geospatial company with high-resolution capabilities of multispectral visible imagery, hyperspectral imagery, and full-motion video. Satellogic has 26 satellites in low-Earth orbit and plans to grow its constellation to more than 200 in 2025 to achieve daily global remaps.

“Having a high-quality partner like Satellogic is essential to making a true impact across the globe. We believe their cost-effective and vertically integrated business model is one that will disrupt the industry for many years to come. SkyFi is excited to partner with a company that has a vision for the future that is aligned with ours in making the world a better place for future generations,” says SkyFi CEO, Luke Fischer.

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