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Hellas Sat Awards a Multi Million Dollars Order to SpaceBridge Inc. to Supply Advanced Broadband Satellite Network Infrastructure

March 16, 2022

 Hellas Sat awarded SpaceBridge, Canadian corporation designer and manufacturer of broadband satellite communications systems, the end-to-end VSAT project, consisting of the two VSAT Platforms that will provide fully encrypted satellite communication hybrid platform, simultaneously supporting the Star & Mesh network topology. SpaceBridge will provide two fully redundant Teleports and User Terminals to serve important and critical locations for Hellas Sat end customers.

“We selected SpaceBridge to expand an existing network we have deployed since 2018, making efficient use of the advanced capabilities of our satellites, Hellas Sat 3 and Hellas Sat 4” said Mr. Christodoulos Protopapas, President and CEO of Hellas Sat.” The platform that we selected perfectly fits our customer requirements: the Star & Mesh capability and the support of advanced modulation technics provided us with the best efficiency we were looking for the network deployment. At Hellas Sat, we believe that leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers is at the core of everything we do”.

“We are very pleased with this continued expression of trust shown by Hellas Sat, demonstrating the market's confidence in SpaceBridge's integration expertise to deliver the end-to-end systems” said Mr. David Gelerman, President and CEO of SpaceBridge. “We provide our partners and customers with a comprehensive, systemic solutions that always exceed their expectations in overall platform efficiency, security and availability, especially when it comes to high-end fully secured multi-redundancy systems, including MESH functionality for Real Time mission critical tasks requiring fast and reliable communication then people lives depend in it”.


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