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KSAT to provide satellite operations as-a-service for ESA’s Arctic Weather Satellite  

April 4th 2022

KSAT announced that we are subcontracted in an industry consortium consisting of OHB Sweden and Thales Alenia Space for ESA’s Artic Weather Satellite mission.

The Consortium is led by OHB Sweden who will build the Artic Weather Satellite (AWS) prototype-flight model and has contracted Thales Alenia Space to provide the Ground Segment.

KSAT will serve as a sub-contractor to Thales, providing the Consortium with a single interface to handle all of the Consortiums routine operational needs.

AWS is designed by ESA as a NewSpace mission, which enables an agile workflow throughout the Consortium, ensuring that objectives are achieved efficiently, at low cost and with high-quality.

KSAT will provide the Consortium with a single point of contact for all activities related to mission operations through utilization of our unique experience and global network infrastructure.

This will be handled by providing:

            Satellite Operations as-a-service

            Ground Station L- and S-band services

            Ground Station Infrastructure Services

            Data Processing Services through Consortium provided processor

            Data Dissemination Services

With this, KSAT is capable of operating the complete ground segment for the Arctic Weather Satellite Mission. KSAT’s newly formed state-of-the-art Satellite Operation Centre can provide both hands-on and automated systems for managing satellites from launch to decommissioning. It is closely integrated with the global ground network, ensuring seamless scheduling, tasking and ground station operation.

"This unique combination of Ground Network, Data Processing, and Satellite Operation Services enables KSAT to provide Satellite Owners with a unique end-to-end service for all operations related activities" Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Marte Indregard at KSAT says.


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