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Unseenlabs expands rf satellite constellation with launch of Bro-7

April, 4th 2022

unseenlabs successfully launched its sixth satellite dedicated to the geolocation of vessels at sea. Bro-7, unseenlabs’ sixth satellite, was launched as part of spacex’s transporter-4 mission with exolaunch from cape canaveral, florida. Communication with bro-7 was established a few hours after the launch. In total, unseenlabs has deployed six satellites since 2019, and will be launching its seventh one in the coming weeks.

The unseenlabs constellation is designed to provide clients with reliable and frequent rf data for a quick detection and a better monitoring of activities at sea, regardless of time of day and weather conditions. This capability is ideally suited for applications such as national security, defense, insurance and the protection of marine areas.

“unseenlabs works to provide the most accurate data to our clients, as fast as possible. Our clients and partners use this data to power analytics and solutions for many industries,” clement galic, ceo and co-founder of unseenlabs, says. “

Unseenlabs owns the world’s largest fleet of independent satellites for radio frequency signals detection. The technology created by the company allows its clients getting real-time traffic information about vessels at sea, on the area of interest they selected.

Unseenlabs will be launching another satellite (bro-6) from māhia peninsula in new zealand with rocket lab’s launch vehicle, in the coming weeks. In 2022 the french sme plans to expand its team based in its headquarters in rennes, france. Furthermore, unseenlabs will increase the number of satellites in orbit to reach a fleet of about twenty independent satellites dedicated to space-based rf.



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