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Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Kayhan Space Partner to Launch Proact

March 10, 2022

Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Kayhan Space and have partnered to develop Proact™, an intuitive, integrated, and fully autonomous collision avoidance system that is capable of identifying and analyzing collision threats, as well as automating a collision avoidance maneuver integrated with propulsion technology that fires on command.

“We are excited to partner with Aurora Propulsion Technologies to increase access to fully integrated propulsion systems, and to promote space safety and sustainability by equipping all satellites with reliable propulsion capabilities,” said Dr. Siamak Hesar, CEO and Co-Founder of Kayhan Space. “Aurora’s propulsion capabilities integrated with Kayhan’s autonomous collision detection and avoidance system is an effective tool for avoiding high risk conjunction events, the frequency of which will only increase as the space economy continues to develop.”

Roope Takala, CEO of Aurora Propulsion Technologies, commented, “Aurora is extremely pleased to work together with Kayhan Space in creating an all-in-one product for spacecraft collision avoidance. Kayhan Space’s conjunction detection and avoidance service and Aurora’s matchbox sized, water-based thrusters will make collision avoidance possible, simple and safe for any satellite project. As the development of the regulatory environment in Europe moves toward requiring collision avoidance capabilities, we want to ensure compliance is as easy as possible. By providing a standard way to mitigate issues with space debris accumulation.”



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