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Bruno Le Maire initiates the structuring of the French New Space ecosystem

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, entrusted this week a mission to seven start-ups and emerging players in the French space industry.

In a context of heightened global competition, this industry is in deep change, with new players with very innovative approaches, the multiplication of uses of spatial data and new users to conquer.

France is proud to be able to count on its historical players, large groups and equipment manufacturers with international influence, and on a new extremely dynamic of young companies, highlighted in particular by unprecedented fundraising and as well as by the France recovery plan. By devoting 1.5 billion euros to space, including two-thirds for emerging players, the France 2030 plan will amplify this dynamic and will enable French startups to position themselves as future space champions.

These seven companies will have the task of structuring the representation of start-ups and emerging French players in the space sector, by carrying out a very broad consultation. Thus, the sector committee bringing together the State and the space industry, co-chaired by the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, the Minister of Education Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Minister for the Armed Forces, will be extended to representatives of these start-ups and emerging players.

2022 will be a pivotal year for the space sector, which must see the shift towards more of innovation to unfold fully. This is why the voice of the representatives of these new businesses will be an essential contribution to the preparation of the Ministerial Council of the ESA to be held in Paris in November as well as the implementation of the plan France 2030 investment plan.

Exotrail, Unseenlabs, Venture Orbital systems, ShareMySpace, U-Space, Comat, Spacedreams

Bruno le Maire, clearly expressed the ambition of a French space policy for the 21st century: “We are building with France 2030 a new space strategy that will enable our industry to maintain its position as world leader. This is based on taking more risk, innovation, and healthy competition between major manufacturers and players emerging countries to which two-thirds of France 2030 funding will be allocated for this sector.


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