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KSAT to launch satellite and mission control


The Satellite Operation Center at KSAT headquarters, will perform satellite and mission adapted satellite and payload services for the entire life span of the spacecraft.

– I’m very pleased to offer satellite and mission control to our partners and customers as an integrated service. This shows that KSAT is at the forefront and with this new capacity, we can provide a one-stop solution for all ground operation needs, says Rolf Skatteboe, CEO at KSAT.

This will increase operational reliability and reduce cost of operation.

KSAT’s state-of-the-art Satellite Operation Center, will provide both hands-on and automated systems for managing satellites from launch to decommissioning. It is closely integrated with the global ground network, ensuring seamless scheduling, tasking and ground station operation.

ASBM one of first missions

One of the first missions where KSAT will be providing this service is for the Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM), a satellite-based broadband in the Arctic. Space Norway will as the contractor of this mission, in cooperation with Inmarsat and the Norwegian prime contractor Space Norway, offer mobile broadband coverage to end-users in the Arctic.

The highly advanced mission-adapted operations have been designed to meet the specific needs for resilient and secure solutions of the government users. And at the same time KSAT provides flexible and virtualized solutions to meet the needs of the purely commercial clients, including an automated operations concept.

The service is fully integrated with our Ground Station Network and industry-proven software.

By combining our highly automated procedures and the experience of the KSAT operations team, we can ensure that every spacecraft is safely guided from LEOP, through routine operations and de-orbiting.

– Exciting new service

One of the Mission Control Engineers who will be working closely with this mission is Marius Sørgård Hansen:

– Usually, we do a lot of ground network services like Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) and Hosting, where we download images, data, and information to our customers. But now we will be piloting the satellites, speak to them and command them. This is very exciting, Sørgård says.

With Satellite Operation by KSAT you can rely on:

            Automated satellite and payload services for the entire spacecraft lifecycle

            Standard and mission-tailored satellite operations

            Flight dynamics, collision control and satellite maneuvering

            Mission-tailored automated and operator-driven procedures

            Automated contingency procedures      


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