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CGTN-Arabic upgrades to HD to offer its viewers a unique experience via Arabsat and Globecast

Extending their years-long partnership, Arabsat, in collaboration with Globecast in Asia, the global solutions provider for media and content management, recently upgraded the broadcast of CGTN-Arabic TV channel to high-definition, reaching viewers across the Arab world, via the Arabsat Badr-6 satellite.

 Through this collaboration, Arabsat and Globecast are providing the means and cutting-edge technologies available using satellite broadcasting services and ground distribution platforms, to help and encourage customer to offer a unique viewing experience to viewers and to keep pace with global advancements in this field, matching the ambition stature of the global media networks such as CGTN. This recent upgrade to HD also contributes to the greater enjoyment of the channel's unique content, which corresponds to the quality of the classy channels that Arabsat and Globecast draw together to serve the Arab public.”  

Dr. Badr AlSuwaidan, Acting President & CEO of Arabsat said“ The role played by such a leading and unique network contributes, to the enrichment of content and the experience of viewing throughout Arabsat regional and global coverage will highlight the culture and heritage of the People's Republic of China and to its openness to the Arab world and other societies.”  


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