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Beam Budget Announces Special DoD Enhancement:

January 11 2022

INTEGRASYS releases the Beam Budget 2022 tool bringing new capabilities for US DoD providers.

The new capability is focused on the DoD guidelines when calculating link budgets. Now the tool enables the users to obtain a tailor-made report which includes the required information, mandatory by the US Government Agencies, just by clicking one button.

DoD Excel Report some fields example


Beam Budget New Release Network Full Duplex Scenario Interface


This release includes the simple scenario, the full duplex (forward and return link), the network scenario (up to several 1000s of links simultaneously), and the full network duplex. The reports can be downloaded with the specific DoD format instantaneously.

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges of the new LEO/MEO constellation penetrating US DoD market has been providing their services in a format that DoD could ingest, thanks to Beam Budget now Government integrators can simply quote LEO/MEO as GEO.

The Software company is committed to serving the DoD integrators with the latest Satellite technology, and in the following year, the main aim is to strengthen the relationship with integrators that supply the DoD needs, so that INTEGRASYS can provide them with the most accurate link budget technology available in the market.




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