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Three more Georgian TV channels start broadcast over Azerspace-1

April 1, 2021

Azercosmos has signed a partnership agreement with Georgian Media Holding company. As stated in the agreement, the Georgian television channels: Rustavi-2, Comedy TV, and Marao TV which functions under the Media Holding, have commenced broadcasting over Azerspace-1 commercially.

Having a broad audience, these channels transmit public, economic, analytical, and cultural programs in the Georgian language. Thanks to the cooperation with Media Holding, 99% of Georgian viewers will be able to watch television channels broadcasted via the Azerspace-1 satellite.

The frequency of Rustavi-2, Comedy, and Marao TV channels that airing through the European beam of Azerspace-1 is 11095/H/30000.

Zaza Gvelesiani, Head of Media Holding, stated that “We are very pleased that our Rustavi-2, Comedy TV and Marao TV channels broadcast in high quality over the Azerspace-1 satellite. Thanks to this collaboration with Azercosmos, our channels will now be available to Georgian citizens living in every part of Georgia, especially in other countries.”

“Azercosmos maintains its leading position in the Georgian broadcasting market for more than six years. We are confident that will continue to expand our cooperation with Media Holding in broadcasting channels and live events”, said Yolchu Hasanov, Head of Azerspace Commercial Team at Azercosmos.