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EchoStar Mobile Partners with Jersey Telecom to Bring Ubiquitous, Hybrid Network Capability to Europe

 Dec. 4, 2020

EchoStar Mobile announced a partnership with Jersey Telecom (JT) to bring true, hybrid satellite/cellular capability to Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobility customers across Europe and the UK. 

EchoStar Mobile is combining its European S-band mobile satellite network with the JT 4G platform to offer a cellular roaming network for its new SYNERGY service suite. EchoStar Mobile SYNERGY's industry-first hybrid approach brings to market a single terminal, single subscription, and a single management interface for a networking solution that uses both mobile satellite and cellular connectivity. It offers comprehensive, cost-effective hybrid connectivity to users across Europe and the UK, ensuring that applications, people, and things have the best possible connectivity, whether at fixed locations or on the move, from dense urban areas to the most remote regions.

"As sectors, companies and application developers continue to plan and execute their digitalisation strategies, the need for simple, highly reliable connectivity has never been more important," said Telemaco Melia, senior director commercial operations, EchoStar Mobile. "This partnership with JT allows us to enable the technology strategies of our customers wherever they are, without the need for complex technical deployments or the hefty price tag often associated with mobile satellite services and hybrid communication solutions."

"The demand for ubiquitous pan-European data that spans borders and networks is unprecedented and continues to grow, as enterprises look to optimise their IoT deployments," said Barna Kutvolgyi, Managing Director, JT International. "This partnership combines the comprehensive capabilities of JT's platform with EchoStar Mobile's leading technologies, to reduce complexity and deliver comprehensive coverage in a streamlined solution for EchoStar Mobile's customers across Europe."