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UNSEENLABS accelerates its commercial development and signs a support agreement with KSAT

November 9, 2020

The French company Unseenlabs, a specialist in the geolocation of ships at sea and the European leader in space-based RF satellite detection, announces the signature of a support agreement with the Norwegian company KSAT, the world leader in satellite communication ground services, for the operation of its network of ground stations around the world.

Unseenlabs launched its first nanosatellite into orbit in August 2019 and has been technically and commercially operational since then. Thanks to its proprietary on-board technology based on the identification of electromagnetic waves emitted by ships, Unseenlabs can geolocate from space any ship at sea, in near-real time, to the nearest kilometer.

Thanks to the integration with KSAT, Unseenlabs will now have potential access to all 25 KSAT Ground Station sites, and its entire fleet of 200 satellite dishes, around the world. Subscribing to the KSATLite service will enable Unseenlabs to benefit from high-speed data transmission and thus reduce the delivery time of geolocation data to its customers by a factor of 3.

Jonathan Galic, co-founder and CTO of Unseenlabs commented: “In addition to the many upcoming Unseenlabs nano-satellite launches that reinforce our constellation for the best revisit time worldwide, this integration with KSAT multiplies our data recovery capabilities on the ground and will also allow us to get the best information age available on the market.”

"It’s great to see that our network of ground stations enable our customers to minimize the latency from data is captured at the spacecraft until it is usable for applications on earth” said Kristian Jenssen, Director KSAT Lite “We are looking forward to start supporting and to grow our relations with Unseenlabs”.