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Smallspark awarded government funding to kick off design and development of its full scale prototype engine

In November 2020, Smallspark Space Systems confirmed that it has been awarded funding from the Welsh Government to begin the design and development of its full-scale engine that will power both its Frost Micro and Frost One launch vehicles – a major step forward for the company that is currently about to begin an aggressive testing campaign of its subscale engine SIBYL.

Its wonderful to see the Welsh Government following through on their commitment to funding new access to space technologies. Wales is positioned perfectly to become a major player in the global space market – driving immense economic growth and  inspiring a new generation of engineers.

This funding keeps us on track for being ready to provide commercial suborbital launch services in 2022 and orbital services in 2025. -Joseph Ward, CEO

Smallspark focuses its engine designs on being simple to manufacture, low-cost, robust and most importantly incredibly safe, using non-toxic, easy to store, highly stable propellants.