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Ovzon signs strategic agreement with Hellas-sat

Ovzon and Hellas-sat have entered a strategic partnership to jointly offer high-capacity portable broadband solutions. The partnership leverages both companies’ technologies, industry expertise, resources, and market presence to promote joint business. Hellas-sat provides satellite capacity to power the services in Europe and the Middle East, while Ovzon will package and market the solutions. The agreement is complementary to Ovzon’s present agreements with Hispasat and Intelsat, bringing additional regional capacity in Europe.

The service is based on Ovzon’s mobile, easy-to-use, terminals and are brought to the market as a flexible service with fixed or mobile connection. The service includes terminal and connectivity and is available with different service levels. The terminal equipment is included in the service and the customers can get started at a basic level and gradually expand the use as needed. Under the agreement Ovzon and Hellas-sat will share the revenues from the services.

“Ovzon’s technology enables high performance satellite communication from small, portable, terminals, making it perfect for a wide range of critical mobile applications requiring high speed and broadband access. We are thrilled to partner with Ovzon in making their service available through our satellite connectivity”, comments Ilias Tsakalis, CCO at Hellas-sat.

“This strategic alliance will expand the reach of Ovzon’s current services, giving additional geographic availability for our customers to use our high performance services, based on Ovzon technology and leased capacity from Hellas-sat.”, comments Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.