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Dragonfly Aerospace Contracted to Deliver HR-250 Imagers to EOS DA


Dragonfly Aerospace announce the conclusion of an agreement with Earth Observing System Data Analytics (EOS DA). Dragonfly Aerospace will be delivering two of our HR-250 high-performance multispectral imagers to EOS DA. The two imagers we provide will be used side-by-side to create a wide swath imaging solution with 7 spectral bands at close to 1m resolution. The satellite equipped with our imagers will be launched into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) by early 2022. Dragonfly will be responsible for the delivery of the HR-250 imagers as a contractor to EOS DA. This contract includes the development, manufacture, integration and testing of the imagers by the end of 2021.

“This Dragonfly Aerospace contract demonstrates the strong reputation and experience our team has earned over many years. Dragonfly is fully committed to delivering compact high-performance imagers to the market and looks forward to delivering these products to EOS Data Analytics” Dragonfly Aerospace CEO Bryan Dean said.

“Space technologies play an important role in our life and future. We here at EOS Data Analytics, believe that observation and analysis of data will help build a better environment for the future of the Earth and humanity. The Dragonfly offer was appealing because of a combination of cost effectiveness and the high performance of the imagers. This cooperation will enable us to create a new vertical and provide the best solutions to our clients while remaining highly competitive” reported press office of EOS DA.