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South Korean satellite uses navigation receiver from RUAG Space


On 20 March 2021 an Earth Observation satellite from South Korea’s space agency KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) will be sent to space. The satellite will take high-resolution pictures of the Earth. The highly precise single frequency Low Earth Orbit GNSS receiver, from the new generation of the GNSS receiver family from RUAG Space, will determine the position of the satellite in orbit.

“This will be the first flight of our new navigation receiver called LEORIX, which can process both, signals from the U.S. navigation system GPS and the European system Galileo,” says Anders Linder, Senior Vice President Electronics at RUAG Space, a leading supplier to the space industry. “We constantly invest in new technologies in order to continue providing a leading product. The many orders from customers worldwide show how they appreciate that,” he adds.



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