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Starwin successful accomplishment of Ka ESA terminal ‘s large dynamic road testing

 March 18, 2021

Starwin conducted a series of actual satellite application tests on the Ka-band two-dimensional electronically steering phased array terminal. Various road tests carried out in plateaus, plains, and urban environments have verified that the performance indicators of Starwin's ESA01 Ka terminal basically meet or exceed the design requirements. It has also verified the maturity, reliability and reproducibility of the key technologies of Starwin electronically steering phased array.

From 2015 till now, the construction and operation of satellite Internet has gradually improved and gotten on sound. Globally, new enterprises engaged in the R&D and production of various new rockets, satellite payloads, ground gateway communication systems and satellite routers, phased array terminals have emerged in large numbers. The satellite communications industry is quite thriving. However, most new companies, especially the emerging LEO and MEO satellite constellation operators and phased array antenna manufacturer, have obviously underestimated the difficulty and complexity of the key technology of "high-performance and low-cost phased array user terminals", the R&D and mass production process of "user terminals" which are critical to the scale of operations of each of the low and medium orbit broadband satellite constellation is still stalled. Even if some leading companies are hyping up their phased array products. However, R&D and mass production of the low-cost, high-performance, and practical electronically steering phased array user terminals suitable for various application scenarios are still the difficulties and hotspots of the global satcom industry.

Starting in December 2019, Starwin has already launched the development of two dimensional and One-dimensional ESA terminal in the Ku and Ka bands. The main purpose is for verification work of practical two-dimensional electrical scanning antenna array on the prototype development and validation work, the domestic foreign phase array chip performance, availability, the work of authentication, scale, self-owned intellectual property rights of open set of array technology verification and testing, complete integration of phased-array Internet terminal machine application validation work etc.

Starwin's R&D team works hard day and night, every minute count. In addition to solving a series of technical and technological problems, They also have to overcome the impact and difficulties of COVID-19 such as supported supply chain’s more constrained, work at home, travelling etc , creating a miracle of completing R&D and producing ESA terminals with completely independent intellectual property rights in less than 10 months. With talented genius and hard work, Starwin’s vision of “Make Satcom Simple & Easy” and the mission of “Make VSAT Terminal Smart” have been pursued, adding strong power to the large-scale popularization and in-depth application of satellite Internet worldwide.

Starwin's Ku and Ka-band ESA terminals, which are about to be introduced to the global market, are brand-new satellite communication terminal solutions. Through a series of innovations, it is applicable to various broadband satellite Internet networks of GEO/MEO/LEO, allowing users to achieve economical and reliable connectivity in fixed and mobile scenarios. Anytime, anywhere, fast operating when powering on, the smart design of Starwin Ku and Ka ESA terminal will greatly enhance Satcom users Simple & Easy experience.



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