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KSTI, MCMC and MEASAT Brings High-Speed Broadband Connectivity to More Rural Communities in Sabah

March 2021

Delivering on its continued commitment to power an inclusive future where everyone has access to the internet, Sabah Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (“KSTI”), Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (“MCMC”) and MEASAT Global Berhad (“MEASAT”) today successfully deployed CONNECTme NOW, a community-based prepaid broadband service via satellite to two more rural locations, Kampung Gana, Papar and Kampung Kumawanan,

Tambunan, in Sabah. With the first 300GB sponsored by the Sabah State Government to each village, KSTI intends to urgently address the issue of poor internet access and connect more people, enterprises, and institutions across rural areas to high-quality, affordable broadband internet.

“Closing the digital divide is imperative to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the people of Sabah especially in rural areas. To make digitalisation and innovation adoptable at the public level, the necessary infrastructure improvements must be set in place across the state and not limited to central areas”, said YB Datuk Haji Yakub Khan, Sabah Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

CONNECTme NOW employs Very Small Aperture Terminal (“VSAT”) and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology at strategic places within Kampung Gana, Papar and Kampung Kumawanan, Tambunan. These VSAT terminals along with WiFi hotspot equipment, will enable villagers within a 100m radius to receive broadband services.

Villagers can access the internet through Prepaid Access Code (PAC) vouchers, with no contract or fixed monthly charges.

“The installation of CONNECTme NOW is an immediate solution that we have set in place for the communities of Kampung Gana, Papar and Kampung Kumawanan, Tambunan to ensure they are able to get internet coverage to aid them in their daily activities. While the construction of a telecommunication tower is a longer-term solution, this will take a long time for it to be completed as compared to broadband connectivity via satellite. Given that the Covid-19 situation has forced everyone to live with the new normal of limited physical interaction, we need a fast solution for students, communities and businesses to quickly adopt digitalisation” added YB Datuk Haji Yakub Khan.

“MEASAT is pleased to be able to support the plans and initiatives of KSTI and MCMC in bridging the digital divide across the state of Sabah”, said Yau Chyong Lim, Chief Operating Officer of MEASAT. “We are aware of the persistent connectivity problems faced by rural communities and continue to roll-out CONNECTme NOW to the rural interiors anywhere in Malaysia to help the unserved and underserved communities overcome the challenges of broadband communication”, Yau concluded.

CONNECTme NOW is Malaysia’s first prepaid satellite broadband WiFi Hotspot service by MEASAT. CONNECTme NOW has been making waves in providing communityfocused satellite broadband services to realize national broadband aspirations. Today, CONNECTme NOW is rapidly connecting over 100,000 broadband connections within unconnected communities residing outside of 4G or terrestrial coverage nationwide thus empowering them to be part of the digital economy.

MEASAT’s ability to deliver High-Speed Satellite Broadband nationwide makes it a strategic partner to support the Government’s aspirations through Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA), which aims to achieve 100% 4G coverage in populated areas. Recognizing the importance of access to communications and bridging the digital divide, MEASAT has recently invested RM1.2 billion to build its next-generation satellite, MEASAT-3d to improve its support of cost-effective high-speed broadband with up to 100 Mbps speeds in areas without any terrestrial network and ensure no Malaysian is left behind in the digital age.




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