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Momentus and Qosmosys Announce First Singaporean Lunar Mission on Momentus’ Ardoride Service Vehicle

February 16, 2021

Momentus Inc. and Qosmosys announced a service agreement to deliver two cubesats to low lunar orbit as early as 2024 via Momentus’ inaugural lunar mission.

The new contract builds and expands on the agreement announced in January 2021 for delivery of up to four cubesats in low Earth orbit by Momentus’ Vigoride service vehicle, starting in 2022. Qosmosys will expand its novel business ideas to the Moon using a specific bus named Zeus-MS, a version of its Zeus platform it has been developing in cooperation with NuSpace from Singapore, and made specific for lunar missions. Zeus-MS is the precursor to a series of multi-mission platforms that will allow organizations and businesses to host their payloads, and will offer individuals a bespoke, unprecedented line of services to the Moon on regularly scheduled flights.

“We are excited to partner with Momentus again, now onboard Ardoride’s inaugural lunar mission in 2024,” said Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys. “Our vision is to make space accessible to all, and Momentus will help us achieve this goal through their efficient orbital services.”

Ardoride, the next generation service vehicle after Vigoride, will extend the range and capabilities of Momentus’s services beginning in 2023.

“Qosmosys recently joined us as a new SSTL member”, said Lynette Tan, CEO of Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL), one of southeast Asia’s leading space organizations. “We are thrilled to see the emergence of inspirational new space ventures here in Singapore. Warmhearted thanks to Momentus for enabling what could be the very first Singaporean satellites around the Moon!”

“Momentus is delighted to usher in the 2021 lunar new year in Singapore with the announcement of our first lunar mission with Qosmosys,” said Dawn Harms, CEO of Momentus. “We look forward to working with Qosmosys to enable new and creative business models to thrive in space.”


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