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ANYWAVES opens up Indian market with Pixxel contract

It was one of the main objectives set by ANYWAVES in early 2020: to make India a key market and establish long term collaboration with Indian NewSpace companies.

Just one year after a very first mission on the occasion of the Space Technology Conclave Thiruvananthapuram, the challenge is met! Indeed, last December, ANYWAVES got an order for two flight models of its S-band TT&C antenna. They will equip a microsatellite planned to be put into orbit by Pixxel in late 2021.

Optimized for platforms’ telemetry and telecommand, these antennas have space heritage and will be used to pilot the satellite, send instructions and ensure the platform’s proper functioning.

Pixxel’s satellites used for earth-imaging aim to provide global coverage every 24 hours enabling organisations around the globe to detect, monitor and predict global phenomena in near real time.

ANYWAVES, CNES (French Space Agency) spin off created in 2017, develops revolutionary antennas  for the satellites constellations market.

Based on a breakthrough technology and an expert team , ANYWAVES designs and manufactures according to space standards a new generation of high quality antennas, on demand or off-the-shelf.

Unique European « pure player » antenna equipment manufacturer, ANYWAVES has tripled its work force within two years, put five of its products into orbit since its inception, sold more than 60 antennas and reached a 1-million euro turn-over in 2020.

Based in Toulouse (France), the European Space capital, the company aims to become the leader of miniature antennas for critical systems.

ANYWAVES is also one of the founding members of Newspace Factory, a collective hub of companies from the Aerospace Valley cluster which gathers 12 very talented French SMEs and through focused export activities aims to support the development of the New Space market and to stimulate growth of the industrial sector.

Pixxel is a cutting-edge space technology company with operations in India and the US. The company is building constellations of high-resolution earth imaging satellites to provide global imagery at a daily frequency to customers in a wide range of industries worldwide. Pixxel was the only Asian participant selected to be a part of the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator, a first of its kind space focused accelerator where the company worked with space industry stalwarts such as NASA JPL, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin and Maxar among others. In mid-2020, Pixxel announced the raise of their seed round at $5 million bringing the total amount raised to 5.7 $million. Pixxel’s first two satellites are slated to launch in 2021 with the constellation to follow in 2022.


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