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AMD, GIGABYTE and SpaceBelt Collaborate to Support Secured Data Communication and Storage Services Globally

 February 2, 2021

SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd.,, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), and GIGABYTE Technology, have announced a partnership introducing high performance processors and server hardware that aims to support secured data storage and communication services through the Cloud Constellation SpaceBeltTM Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) platform. 

AMD is one of the world leading multinational semiconductor company that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets. It has operations around the world, including R&D facilities, international sales offices, and joint ventures with assembly/test manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. SpaceBelt is extremely thrilled to announce that AMD will be collaborating with SpaceBelt and GIGABYTE by providing its 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ 7002 Processors that will be used to power GIGABYTE servers supporting SpaceBelt Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) platform.

GIGABYTE is a world recognised leader in the industry with award-winning products including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, and other PC components and accessories. GIGABYTE’s business servers and cloud systems with hardware and software solutions that integrate AI and AloT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) applications to allow customers to capture, analyse, and transform digital information into economic data, accelerating businesses' success from edge to cloud. Partnering with GIGABYTE, SpaceBelt will be able to position and provide new innovation applications and also enterprise grade of servers on SpaceBelt’s innovative data security platform to its enterprise customers.

“To be able to collaborate and partner with two world leading companies – AMD and GIGABYTE, demonstrate the confidence that our partners have given to us. As demand of computer processing power continues to increase and in order to support future new edge applications and enterprises solutions running on SpaceBeltTM Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) platform, we need to have reliable, robust and enterprise grades of server hardware with computer processors. Deploying Innovative applications such as Blockchain, AI and AIoT (Artificial Internet of Things) will be some of the use cases that are going to be attractive to our customers. By integrating SpaceBelt’s data security platform with GIGABYTE robust server hardware and 2rd Generation AMD EPYC™ 7002 Processors will poise to extend SpaceBelt as the leading space service provider,” said Kok Rie Ooi, SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd.’s Managing Director. The combined strength of the three companies will also look into research and development, joint marketing, sales and cooperative support of SpaceBelt’s data security platform.

Cloud Constellation Corporation is the world’s first planned cloud infrastructure and data storage service based in space. Cloud Constellation Corporation seeks to revolutionize the way data can be securely transferred and stored by using its patented SpaceBelt architecture utilizing GEO partners’ satellites between the customer’s enterprise locations and the SpaceBelt LEO network. SpaceBelt’s space infrastructure is totally separated from the terrestrial landlines and internet. This provides the strongest security possible by offering global isolation from the terrestrial infrastructure of an enterprise or government organization’s high value, highly sensitive, mission-critical data assets.

SpaceBelt’s space infrastructure for data security will mitigate the risk of unauthorized malicious attackes on sensitive data. Cybersecurity protection is a continuous process which organizations need to be vigilant and be constantly on high alert.

“2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors set a new standard for the modern data center with world record performance, advanced security features and new capabilities that help advance the modern data center,” said Peter Chambers, Managing Director for AMD APAC. “We’re excited to work with Gigabyte and SpaceBelt for their DAAS solution and look forward to see the leadership architecture and performance of 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors will support SpaceBelt’s customers.”

“At GIGABYTE we are always looking for new frontiers and opportunities for our server and enterprise products. SpaceBelt’s secure space communication infrastructure and data storage are innovative and is poised to be the world first of this kind in the market. We are excited to deploy our high performance servers built using AMD EPYC processors integrated for SpaceBeltTM Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) platform,” said Alan Chen, AVP at GIGABYTE. “We believe our manufacturing expertise and technology will provide a solid foundation to support and power SpaceBelt DSaaS platform. It will be an attractive proposition to the enterprises and governments.”


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