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AST SpaceMobile Selects NEC to Manufacture Key Satellite Modules 

AST & Science LLC announced that it has selected NEC Platforms, Ltd., a subsidiary of NEC Corporation (TSE: NEC) and a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, to manufacture essential AST SpaceMobile satellite modules. NEC Platforms, based in Japan, will mass produce these modules, which are the cornerstone of AST SpaceMobile's patented technology for its high-powered low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites.

AST SpaceMobile has developed the first satellite technology which connects directly to off-the-shelf smartphones at broadband speeds without any need for specialized satellite hardware. The AST SpaceMobile network will enable seamless roaming to and from terrestrial cellular networks, filling mobile coverage gaps around the world.

"We are pleased to partner with an experienced technology company like NEC Platforms for the production of key components of our satellites," said Abel Avellan, Chairman and CEO, AST SpaceMobile, Inc. "NEC's global vision of providing 'Solutions for Society' is closely aligned with AST's own mission of democratizing access to broadband connectivity throughout the world. This agreement is critical for AST to achieve its goal. As an added benefit, the Company is exploring financing opportunities with Japanese government sponsored debt capital sources."

"NEC Platforms has rich experience in manufacturing a wide range of IT and network products with high-quality control and efficient supply chain management," said Kimihiko Fukuda, President at NEC Platforms, Ltd. and Senior Vice President at NEC Corporation. "We are excited to be working with AST SpaceMobile to enable its innovative solution with our value-added production capabilities."

AST SpaceMobile already has extensive relationships in Japan, including with Rakuten Mobile, a lead investor and a global strategic partner. "For Rakuten Mobile, AST SpaceMobile's unique technology represents a competitive and efficient path to connecting customers across Japan, and to bolstering mobile service in times of natural disaster or emergency," said Yoshihisa Yamada, Representative Director and President of Rakuten Mobile, Inc. "As a lead investor in AST SpaceMobile, we are very excited about this new partnership with NEC Platforms and its potential to contribute to bringing high-quality space-based mobile broadband to customers."