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Chinese researchers explore satellite data-driven oceanic forecast

July 22

Chinese researchers have achieved progress in intelligent oceanic forecasting driven by satellite data, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

A joint team of researchers developed the purely satellite data-driven deep learning model for forecasting the evolution of sea surface temperature associated with the tropical instability wave, said the CAS.

The team, led by Li Xiaofeng, a researcher of the Institute of Oceanology under the CAS, was composed of professionals from multiple institutions related to marine scientific research.

Their study was inspired by available satellite remote sensing data and advancements in deep learning technology. They have explored key marine data and established a deep learning model to conduct oceanic forecasts.

The study demonstrates the strong potential of the satellite data-driven deep learning model as an alternative to traditional numerical models for forecasting oceanic phenomena.

The research result was published in the journal Science Advances.