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AWS Ground Station is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia

AWS Ground Station expands its global coverage to the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region. The Sydney Region in Australia is the fifth region within the AWS Global Infrastructure Network and the first region in the Southern hemisphere to offer AWS Ground Station. AWS Ground Station is available today in US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), Middle East (Bahrain), EU (Stockholm), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) with more regions coming soon.

Global expansion to the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region now enables satellite owners and operators to connect with their satellites and process their space workloads more frequently. A fifth, geographical diverse, AWS Ground Station Region reduces the time between contacts for Low-Earth Orbit satellites as they travel between coverage areas. Governments, businesses, and universities can benefit from this more timely satellite data to make more precise, data driven decisions. 

Customers can easily integrate their space workloads with other AWS services in real-time using Amazon’s low-latency, high-bandwidth global network. Customers can stream their satellite data to Amazon EC2 for real-time processing, store data in Amazon S3 for low cost archiving, flow data through Amazon Rekognition for imaging analysis, or apply AI/ML algorithms to satellite images with Amazon SageMaker. With AWS Ground Station, you pay only for the actual antenna time that you use. 

The 11th Annual Australasia Satellite Forum


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