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Intelsat FlexMove Managed service is powered by All-In-One Starwin Ku auto satellite terminal

Feb 24, 2020

Starwin has launched High compact Starwin satellite terminal on Intelsat New Flexmove service , providing broadband connectivity to Starwin users in almost 190 countries. Starwin is the first automatic terminal fully operated for Intelsat FlexMove COTP(Comunnication on the pause) application.

Intelsat Debutting first of its kind of FlexMove managed service including Starwin Ku high integration fully auto affordable connectivity that is 20 times faster than current land mobile satellite solution on the market. 

Starwin high compact auto terminal provides portable connectivity featuring all in one solution to be integrated flat antenna, BUC, LNB, Modem ,wifi ,power supply in one cabinet , liberated engineer from over 1 hour installation and cabling , powering FlexMove service with more convenience , full automatic functionality to let Starwin terminal automatically point to satellite enabling fast speed connection for users to access public internet connection and private IP solution within 2 minutes in most remote locations.

With the unique new Intelsat FlexMove Partnership , Starwin user can now access broadband connectivity almost anywhere in the entire planet. “ Open up Starwin terminal , press one button , within 2 minutes , done , automatically point to Epic HTS satellite,it’s definitely Make Satcom Simple&Easy.”Said Starwin Chairman James,  The sophiscated intelligence of FlexMove will automatically identify which satellite is the best suited at that place and time.

Starwin high compact auto terminal intuitive point and connect functionality records the correct satellite to the end user. The Starwin terminal will already be fully loaded with all confugurated files on arrival , ensuring simple & easy on boarding for users.

The new generation globe service offering to meeting the needs of today heavy data users motivate exploding data consumption and need of connectivity anytime anywhere and even in the most remote and hostile location. FlexMove unique high throughput global network and easy to use interface provide users with auto portable –high speed connectivity.

FlexMove offers data rates up to 20times higher than Legacy MSS solution for as little as 50% of the cost reliable connectivity including Starwin the most world cost effective terminal benefit the global users with most affordability.

Starwin enables people and organization on the move to create easy to use Wi Fi hot spot and get high speed broadband connection in less than a minute to execute a crucial on the spot work assignment & communication. The combined solution of Intelsat ubiquitous , global connectivity with high integration Starwin Ku auto terminal is ideal for Emergency recover , Disaster relief, Civil government & defense , public security , Oil & Gas , Mining, Forestry and Energy exploaration , NGO , Telemedicine , Teleeducation, Broadcasting , industry and those with remote work locations and high capacity communication needs.

Integrating Starwin all in one high compact auto terminal on the Intelsat FlexMove network , we can utilized true value with the broadband connectivity globally with 200 beams covering the entire earth. The partnership enables the global users to gain high speed , more convenience, and affordability satellite connection , with additional a new market opportunity to solution provider and resellers.


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