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SAS Network Reseller Contract Signed with Indonesian Telco Service Provider

Sky and Space Global Ltd  is pleased to announce it has signed a Reseller MoU with Cendrawasih Teknologi Nusantara.

CTN was established in 2018 and is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a hardware and software communications provider, supplying data connectivity services via satellite for its customers across multiple sectors. CTN’s goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to customer needs through speed, availability, robust and cost optimisation.

Under the terms of the new Reseller Contract, SAS and CTN will fast-track work to incorporate SAS’s nano-satellites into CTN’s network. It will also authorise CTN on a non-exclusive basis to resell, market, distribute and support SAS services and products.

The contract could lead to multiple opportunities for SAS to service a market that have more than 260 million people and provide residents more affordable and reliable connectivity networks. It also provides SAS with the ability to expand its existing connectivity offering across the entire Asia Pacific region. CTN have already approached some of their existing clients within the mining, oil & gas and plantation sectors and a number have since expressed interest in the SAS technology. Use cases for their clients include telemetry and also for replacing VSAT for data text only, for use of phones in shipping and marine areas, or while out at sea.

Commenting on the Reseller Contract, Meir Moalem, Managing Director and CEO of SAS said: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with CTN by signing a reseller contract. CTN is a newly established company that shares the same end goal as Sky and Space Global, to provide better connectivity in areas with unreliable networks at a lower cost. For this reason, we complement each other very well and we look forward to working with CTN to provide better access to communication throughout Indonesia.”

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