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Geoscience Australia calls for input into security strategy for SBAS infrastructure

Geoscience Australia has issued a request for information to identify security risks for its proposed satellite-based augmentation system. It aims to use the information in the development of an operational cybersecurity strategy.

GA said the information received would also inform government decision making for cybersecurity in relation to the SBAS program. However, it stressed that the RFI was a market research exercise and not an approach to the market.

Geoscience Australia received $160.9 million in the 2018-19 federal budget to support the development of an operational SBAS over four years. It will use space-based and ground-based infrastructure to improve the accuracy, integrity and availability of basic navigation signals such as those currently provided by GPS and Galileo.

The funding followed the establishment of an SBAS testbed that was backed by both the Australian and New Zealand governments. The trial is managed by Geoscience Australia in partnership with GMV, Inmarsat and Lockheed Martin.

According to the tender documentation, the proposed SBAS architecture would include communications and uplink stations, which may be vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks.

The cyber-security strategy will provide information and implementation advice on how to secure its speciic SBAS ground infrastructure and processing facilities. The ground infrastructure for the program includes a network of ranging and integrity monitoring stations (RIMS) across the country. The stations, which will number 30 to 40, will be connected via a high-reliability communications infrastructure.

Computational processing occurs at a central processing facility which generates the corrections and integrity information. Satellite uplink facilities will support navigation services and will transmit signals to geostationary satellites, which will broadcast GNSS correction data to users. The ground infrastructure must also be dual-redundant to comply with aviation safety requirements. A brief to industry is scheduled for 30 January at Geoscience Australia's ofice in Canberra. It will be conducted to introduce the SBAS program and outline the RFI process. Geoff Long

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