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TDK announces Coursa Drive, a high-precision inertial-aided positioning software for autonomous vehicles


January 08, 2019

TDK Corporation announces the launch of InvenSense Coursa Drive software, the world’s first inertial-aided positioning solution for AV platform developers. A high-performance extension of the InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) that has provided sensor-aided positioning to over 50 million devices worldwide, Coursa Drive enhances inertial-only vehicle positioning to <0.2% of distance traveled. These precise levels of accuracy are critical to maintaining decimeter lane-level vehicle positioning in challenging GNSS/perception system environments.

Coursa Drive’s inertial navigation system (INS) calibrates using absolute position inputs from either high accuracy GNSS receivers or from perception-based systems (camera, radar, lidar) with HD maps. In real time, Coursa Drive provides high-rate, 100 Hz delta positions and orientation to the AV system, complementing the lower-rate position references from GNSS and perception systems. For improved system fault-tolerance, Coursa Drive can provide decimeter position precision for short periods when the GNSS or perception systems are uncertain or unavailable.

For non-real-time applications such as HD map creation and maintenance, Coursa Drive’s offline mode reprocesses INS data at two to three times higher accuracy than real-time mode, providing HD map companies alternative position references to verify HD map accuracy, even without GNSS, for up to 60 seconds.

“Coursa Drive delivers vehicle dead reckoning accuracy equivalent to high-end systems costing thousands of dollars,” said Mike Housholder, Senior Director of the TDK InvenSense Location Software and Services Business. “Our cost-effective software solution will help AV platform and Tier 1 vehicle manufacturers scale beyond prototype vehicles to high-volume mass production.”

Coursa Drive provides AV platform developers with maximum flexibility for system integration. The solution is platform agnostic and can operate on Cortex-M4F-class microcontrollers, or higher, and supports most dual-frequency GNSS receivers. The Coursa Drive API specifications are available upon request.

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