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DNK to build new Indonesia MSS satellite following orbital slot award


PT. Dini Nusa Kusama (DNK), an Indonesia satellite communications company, has been awarded the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) Orbital Slot located at 123 degrees East Longitude by the Indonesian Ministry of Communications.

The Ministry awarded the strategic orbital slot above Indonesia after six months of competitive evaluation and bid qualification. DNK’s license gives the company exclusive rights to the space slot forever so long as we abide by the established regulations of the country years and includes the necessary L-band radio frequency spectrum to deliver services across the country and region.

DNK plans to develop and launch its own satellite to deliver a portfolio of next generation satellite communications services over Indonesia and the neighbouring region. The company in discussions with multiple satellite suppliers, including Airbus, Navayo and Hughes Network Systems, on the construction of its turn-key, secure connectivity satellite, which will feature up to 700 beams supported by digital on-board beam forming, The satellite will be optimised for data while supporting voice services as well as narrowband Internet of Things applications. It will also feature military grade encryption with guaranteed connectivity within its footprint. 

DNK’s satellite is scheduled to launch in mid 2022 with commercial services planned to follow. 

“The award of the orbital slot to DNK now opens a new world of possibilities through our plans to build and deploy a new, cutting edge satellite to serve the country and the region,” said co-founder and Program Director Thomas van der Heyden, who has been the driving force behind DNK’s work on this program, first for the government and now as a commercial program, over the last 7 years. “DNK’s satellite will dramatically increase satellite capacity and capabilities over Indonesia and the region. We are adopting a design that is tailor-made for the requirements of our customers. From its next generation spot beam architecture to its advanced security protection, DNK’s satellite will enable a new generation of satellite services to the region.” 

The satellite will initially serve Indonesia’s 260 million population across its 17,500+ islands. The connectivity will leverage a range of devices, including smartphone-sized satellite handhelds, data terminals for IoT and machine-to-machine services, as well as vehicle and vessel systems. 

“We aim to do our part in bringing digital services across Indonesia, where much of the population are still unconnected,” said DNK co-founder and CEO Surya Witoelar. “We are proud of our Indonesian heritage.” 

In addition to Indonesia, the orbital slot also allows DNK’s service footprint to span the ASEAN region and the South China Sea. As part of its license, DNK also secured L-band spectrum serving China and India.


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