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IHI Aerospace selected by OHB Sweden to provide the 1N thrusters for commercial satellite

August 22, 2022

IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd (IA), wholly-owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation, is pleased to announce to provide the 1N thrusters to OHB Sweden. The thrusters will be used to provide maneuverability for the commercial satellite.

1N thruster (MT-9) was developed by IA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2012 and successfully operated in Super Low Altitude Test Satellite (SLATS) which was launched in 2017. MT-9 is the second generation of 1N thruster which offers its competitiveness in lifetime and ease of use. It was proved that the thruster has no restriction with firing mode by extensive qualification tests.

This contract of our 1N thrusters is the second contract with OHB Sweden. IA is honored to receive continuous contacts with OHB Sweden and humbled to hear good feedback from OHB Sweden regards to performance of IA’s thrusters. IA is also looking forward to continuing to explore business opportunities and working with OHB Sweden for future missions.

OHB Sweden is one of the leading space business company in Europe with more than 30 years of experience providing complete space missions, satellites and spacecraft subsystems.

IA, wholly-owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation, is one of the leading manufacturers for spacecraft propulsion in the world. IA has been engaged in the space propulsion technology since 1953, and has extensive experiences in development and production of propulsion systems and components for satellites and launch vehicles.

IA provides its propulsion products not only to Japan, but also to United States, Europe and Asia region. More than 1000 of IA’s monopropellant thrusters have been successfully operated on orbit and numbers are going to grow.