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WARPSPACE Chooses Amazon Web Services for Reliable Operation of Optical Inter-Satellite Data Relay Constellation in MEO

WARPSPACE is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure, elastic and cost-effective operation on the upcoming Optical Inter-Satellite Data Relay Constellation in MEO. By leveraging AWS, WARPSPACE will be able to provide a secured-communication infrastructure and more focus on delivering value to its global customers.

The primary mission of WARPSPACE is to provide a communications link that connects customers’ satellites with ground systems. To do this, WARPSPACE is developing “WarpHub InterSat”, an End-to-End optical inter-satellite data relay communication service for Earth observation satellite operators. Three data relay satellites equipped with the optical terminal will be launched in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) to be able to cover the whole Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Through this network, Earth observation satellites can downlink their data at high data rates in near real-time 24/7 at high-data throughput End-to-End one gigabyte).

WARPSPACE uses AWS managed services like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Amazon Aurora to help develop workloads critical for WarpHub InterSat operation. Examples include mission control, orbit coordination, and low-latency, low-cost delivery of remote sensing data from customers’ satellites to their ground systems.

WARPSPACE is anticipating their customers’ needs for secure, reliable Earth Observation data well into the future. AWS will provide the tools to help them meet this goal on a global scale,” said AWS Aerospace and Satellite Director Clint Crosier.

Data latency is a major issue in the application of remote sensing, and we look forward to the development of a cloud computing environment in conjunction with the WARPSPACE communication technology to resolve this issue.”– Comments from Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC).

We believe that building a seamless communication architecture connecting LEO satellites to the ground system via our optical data relay satellite, will accelerate the earth observation (EO) industry and contribute to creating various types of solutions. As the number of natural disasters and geopolitical risks has been increasing, more responsive and low-latency communication will be the cornerstone of the global EO industry. In order to realize our goal, we need to build the ecosystem from the upstream to the end-users. I believe that using the AWS global infrastructure and AWS services will help accelerate toward our goal.” – Satoru Tsunemachi, WARPSPACE CEO.