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University of Tokyo spin-off space startup Pale Blue selected for Go-Tech Project 300M-yen R&D support

Pale Blue Inc. has been selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan as a grant recipient of “R&D Support Project for Small and MediumSized Enterprises (SMEs) with Growth Potential” in the fiscal year of 2022 (maximum grant amount: 300 million yen).

Pale Blue will conduct research and development on increasing the power of the electron source*1 using water and microwave. Furthermore, Pale Blue will proceed with commercializing water thrusters (plasma engines*2) for satellites of 50-100kg that are increasing in demand. In addition, the company will promote the expansion of small satellite use and sustainable space development by enabling altitude change of small satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and orbit change from LEO to Lunar Orbit.

Overview: Support SME’s R&D and its commercialization initiatives that collaborate with universities and public research organizations for three years at maximum Time period: 2 or 3 financial years Maximum grant of a support project: 300 million yen maximum in total for 3 financial years