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APT Satellite Appoints New Executive Director and President

APT Satellite 
has appointed Wang Hongbin to be the successor of Cheng Guangren as its new Executive Director and President. 

Wang Hongbin has recently worked as the Deputy General Manager of China Satellite Communications Company Limited. He has also served as Chairman and non-executive director of the board of directors of China Satellite Communications (Hong Kong), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Satellite Communications Company Limited. 

“Wang Hongbin has more than 30 years of working experience in the satellite communication industry. He has a great track record of performance and leadership throughout his career,” said Li Zhongbao, chairman of APT Satellite board of directors. “He values the company’s customers and supports our partners to the benefit of the business. Wang is the right person to lead APT Satellite in the next phase of growth for the company.”

 “APT Satellite has a leading position in the regional market and a strong international team of professionals.” Wang Hongbin commented. “While the company celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is my great honor to contribute to the future. With a focus on customers and a commitment with partners, I sincerely believe we will continue our success story of communications and connectivity.”

Li Zhongbao thanked Cheng Guangren for his service: “Along with my board colleagues, we owe great thanks to Cheng for his tremendous contributions to the company for 14 years.” 









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