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Arqit to Lead UK-AU Space Bridge Project

Arqit has signed a contract to define Australian participation in Arqit’s Federated Quantum System project

January 10, 2022

Arqit Quantum Inc. (“Arqit”), has contracted with Australia’s SmartsatCRC under an agreement between the UK and Australian Governments to deliver the first phase of work to Australia relating to Arqit’s Federated Quantum System Project (“FQS”).

Arqit’s FQS project for allied governments delivers strategic control to that government customer of a private instance of Arqit’s end to end QuantumCloud™ technology stack, which delivers full independence to the customer as well as interoperability with the systems of other allied partners.

During Arqit’s initial Space Bridge contract, which is funded to completion at the end of June 2022, Arqit will work with the Australian Government, Australia National University, and industrial partners to develop a plan for Australian participation with Australian supply chain involvement and the agreements signed also cover planning for long term funding of the full system.

Arqit Founder, Chairman and CEO, David Williams, added: “Australia is a critical ally and partner for the UK and USA so it is important that Australia has the opportunity to deploy FQS along with the other allied countries already committed.”


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