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The South Australian Government will invest $20 million in Space Park


South Australia will be home to Australia’s first dedicated space manufacturing hub, further cementing the state’s reputation as the Space State and providing a vital manufacturing link to the local space industry value chain.

The Australian Space Park will boost space manufacturing capability and capacity by initially co-locating four space manufacturing companies in a purpose-built facility with a focus on collaboration and production of small satellites and their payloads, rockets, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), and supporting componentry and technical systems.

The South Australian Government will invest $20 million in the Park, with private companies Fleet Space Technologies, Q-CTRL, ATSpace and Alauda Aeronautics signing on as partners and co-investors to further develop the space value chain to meet the needs of satellite and rocket manufacturers.

The South Australian Government is in discussions with Adelaide Airport as the ideal location identified by industry due to its proximity to traditional aerospace companies and the central business district.


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