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Space BD to Offer Global Launch Opportunities

 Space BD announces that in the launch service business, one of its core businesses, Space BD starts handling global launch methods in addition to the traditional Japanese launch methods. As the first launch, Space BD has reserved space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare mission scheduled for October 2022. The company aims to respond to the rapidly increasing demands which are also diversifying and provide optimum solutions to access to space for every user by expanding the variety of launch methods. 

Space BD is a space business development firm with abundant technological and business development capabilities. It has provided the business solutions or projects and access to space for the users by utilizing JAXA’s space assets such as the International Space Station (ISS) Japanese Experiment Module Kibo, next generation Japanese flagship launch vehicle H3, and next ISS resupply vehicle HTV-X.

In the scope of satellite launch service, it has provided launch opportunities to satellite developers since 2018. The satellite deployment from ISS Kibo has remarked a hundred percent success rate. As a result, its high reliability has contributed to global users’ first launch, such as Australian universities and Japanese startups.

Meanwhile, recently there has been a shift in the inquiry about satellite development. Specifically, Space BD offers satellite development opportunities to apply education and marketing, and such new demand is rapidly increasing. For instance, it provides an educational program to high school students to develop a 1U CubeSat in Japan. Space BD and the school expect this opportunity to open the door to interest in space and foster global leaders who will solve various issues on earth.

Space BD offers more flexible launch opportunities to meet the needs that are getting diversified and adjust the changes. In addition to the reliable Japanese launch opportunities, Space BD will offer more flexible launches, including the timing, satellite sizes, and the desired orbit, by handling global launch methods.

With the specialized knowledge to support users' first step towards space, Space BD now adds global launch opportunities to offer suitable options to fulfill various customers' needs. 

Mac Kanazawa, COO, Director General, Launch Services at Space BD: As a front runner in satellite launch services, Space BD has been providing one-stop launch services to satellite developers. With the initiation of this launch mission with SpaceX, we have moved forward in establishing the most flexible and competitively priced launch services for our customers. We will continue our efforts in both business development and engineering support to provide our users with the best and most stable access to space.


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